The Truth Hurts Sometimes

Since I didn’t blog last night I am going to write an actual post instead of doing my normal Sunday “thank you”. This post has taken me almost two hours to write because I keep getting distracted by the Golden Globes (ADD at its finest) so everyone better like it. Just kidding I could care less.

For most of my life I never really told people how I truly felt, I usually just danced around it. If someone hurt me or made me angry I would say the classic, “I’m fine”.  BUT if I was actually okay and happy I wouldn’t show it because I was used to just acting like I was fine when I wasn’t which in turn made me not know how to act fine when I was actually fine…if that all made sense.  

Over the past couple years I have been really good at telling people how it is and how I feel. Sometimes it is harsh but I think people want to hear the truth because why would you want to hear anything but the truth? Sometimes the truth hurts but hey you just gotta suck it up and take it. If anyone wants to hear the truth from me give me a couple beers and I will just start talking and everything will be laid out nice and clear for you. Don’t judge me. Usually I am best with a little liquid courage and having bathroom bonding talks to tell how I feel….Sam, Ashley and Nina can vouch for this.

I guess people are usually scared to tell others how it is or the truth because it usually sucks for the person who receives it. But it also sucks for the person who says it because any normal person doesn’t like shitting on someone. (well, I don’t think so at least) But as you grow older you have to learn how to tell people how you feel and take criticism and actually listen to it. Learning how to take criticism is a big thing because when you’re older in a big kid job and your boss talks about your work and doesn’t like it you can’t go off the deep end and spaz out. On the other hand when you tell people how it is or how you feel you have to basically be a little bitchy because that’s how some people actually can get their point across. If you say how it is like jokingly or with a smile on your face no one will take you seriously and you will look like an ass and a joke so buck up baby and say what’s on your mind. 

At the end of the day or after something happens that bothers you you have to ask yourself, “Did I really express my true opinions or did I just let it hold me down like always?” I should have taken my own advice about four years ago when all I said was “I’m fine” when I really wasn’t but I am really good at realizing that at least now I do it. That kind of cancels out the fact that I never used to, right? Everyone remember, tell people how you feel because it makes you feel better in the end and if it doesn’t then just remember, practice makes perfect. You’ll become a pro before you know it. If you are the person who gets it said to you then suck it up and learn how to take criticism because sometimes it is actually constructive.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has an even better week. 

Love to you all.


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